Getting Around Cebu


Jeepney is Philippines’ main means of transportation and in most parts of Cebu.

Fare: Php 7.50 (minimum)


White Taxis. Are standard taxis operating in different parts of Cebu. There are plenty of taxicabs in Cebu City and can take you in most parts of Cebu City and Mactan Island. It can go as far as Danao City (Northern Cebu) or Carcar City (Southern Cebu) depending on the driver. In far places like these, the taxi fare is upon the discretion of the driver but you may negotiate with the driver.

Fare: Php 35.00 (init) Php 3.50 increment

Estimated Fare
From Airport ⇔ SM : Php 150
From Airport ⇔ City : Php 180

Yellow Taxis. Also known as “Airport Taxis” are available from Mactan Airport to different parts of Cebu City.

Fare: Php 65.00 (init)


North Buses. Buses bound to Northern part of Cebu at The North Bus Terminal located at Subangdaku, Mandaue City. There are also mini-buses and vans for hire. The mini-buses ply the towns of Sogod and Borbon.

Cebu North Bus Routes
Route Bogo Bantayan Hagnaya Maya Medellin San Remegio

South Buses. Located at F. Osmena street caters buses bound to Southern parts of Cebu.

Cebu South Bus Routes
Route Argao Badian Boljoon Carcar Dalaguete Dumanjug
Route Moalboal Pinamungahan San Fernando Sibonga Toledo


This is one of the best option as means of transportation if you plan to go places beyond the City Area. It’s more expensive than Jeepneys since they are air-conditioned but cheaper than taxis. It is basically a van for hire that can accommodate up to 15-20 passengers. Air fare starts at Php 80 – Php 100 pesos each depending on destination.

V-Hires are accessible in North Bus Terminal, South Bus Terminal (Citilink), Ayala Center, SM City, and Gaisano in Danao City.

Ayala Center ⇔ Balamban
SM City ⇔ Danao City

Fare: Php 80.00 – Php 100.00


A 3-wheeled vehicle used as transportation. It is basically a motorcycles with a cabin on a third wheel attached for passengers. It can take in up to 6 passengers, two in front, two at the back, and two at the back of the driver on the motorcycle.

On specific areas not accessible by Jeepneys or buses, Cebu tricycles can take you everywhere, especially on smaller roads for short distances.

Fare: Php 7.50 (minimum)


A variant of cycled rickshaw in some countries. It is basically a 3-wheeled bicycle accommodating 2-3 passengers. It can transport you to nearby places and pace varies to driver’s power and strength.

Fare: Php 5.00 (minimum)


Are single motorcycles available in areas where jeepney or tri-cycles cannot accommodate. It can carry 2 passengers not including driver and can take you to your desired destination.

Fee: Php 5.00 (minimum)
Note. Fare differs depending on distance.

Tartanilla (Going Extinct)

A 4-seater “tartanilla” is a wheeled vehicle driven by a single horse for people or is used to transport goods. It is a variant of a horse carriage in English. It is used since Cebu, Circa 1900s.

The tartanilla is somewhat abolished at present since there were a lot who were irked by their presence due to the stink and since the “kutseros” (coachmen) were not so eager into ways of how their horses dispose of their dung.

Only a few can be found in Pasil, Cebu City area only.

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